About Salt Mama

Salt Mama- Rachael Matoska, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Activism and Social

Change. She is a New Mexico native, who has traveled the world, studying in both Denver,

San Francisco and England. She loves being back in the Land of Enchantment and being

involved with local healing, activism and community building. As a health and wellness

coach she incorporates her secret ingredient… SALT, the one thing everyone tells you not

to have! Her special sauce is a mix of unconventional and ancient knowledge with a pinch

of salt. Her healing modalities derive from a variety of traditions, including Theta healing

and traditional and folk healing and plant medicine. She believes that being well hydrated

is the key to effective physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Her and her partner

Josh, a craftsman, raise their 3 boys on their urban homestead and when they aren’t

feeding the chickens and rabbits or weeding the garden, they  enjoy cooking, fermenting,

brewing, skiing, biking, camping and just about any outdoor fun.

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