1)      Clear Your Magnet!

 Your personal “magnet” is you! The first step to fine tuning your magnetism is creating a list of your personal blocks or your Achilles heel. This inventory helps you figure out the areas

that need work and fine tuning. The clearer you get, the stronger your magnet becomes. Take weekly salt baths to clear your energy. Choose to be positive over negative, its a choice!

2)       Share Your Good Vibes!

Now that you are have identified and begun working on your blocks you will feel much lighter. This lightened load helps you feel more confident and enthusiastic.

When you smile more and feel well your personal magnetism increases.

You share this energy with others just by being in the same room or passing by you on the street. In turn you end up boosting passion and energy in everyone. The positive feedback increases your vibe and then the vibe you put out starts to multiply. Inspire others and be kind.

3)      Self-Care and Self Knowledge

Being authentic, genuine and sincere can enhance your personal magnetism. The more self-knowledge and self-care you do

-the more others will notice you and your energy and confidence

-the more you will attract what you do want in life

-the better you care for yourself the better you can care for others. (Time for another salt bath!!)  

In the desert animals instinctually walk miles looking for water. Be the water, be the good stuff that others seek. Take time to recharge and fill your cup so you can be that nourishing force.

4)      Visualize Yourself As A Powerful Rare Earth Magnet 

Use a quick visualization daily. Focus on your breath and imagine yourself filled with positive energy and magnetism, and feel your body pulling your desires, dreams and goals towards

you. See yourself as the strongest rare earth magnet! 

I would love to hear your own stories of increasing your personal magnetism!


With love and a pinch of salt, Salt Mama Rach